Player Profile: Noah Stout


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Name: Noah Stout

Grade: Junior

Sport: Ski Team

Position: Captain

What is your favorite part about skiing?

“My favorite part is definitely catching an edge on the snow and making a quick, sharp turn.”

What is your favorite race?

“I prefer the Grand Slalom because it is typically a faster race with wider turns.”

Who is your skiing inspiration?

“When I was a freshman, I shared a locker with a senior on the team, Ben Whitlow. He showed me the ropes of ski racing and now we have many similarities in how we race.”

Why do you like to ski?

“I like to ski because it is a great way to meet a diverse group of people. It is a sport you can do competitively or recreationally for the rest of your life.”

What are some of your personal goals?

“My biggest personal goal is to place in the top ten at the varsity meet.”

What are some of your team goals?

“Our team goal this year is to obviously qualify or states and hopefully win them this year.”