Senior students Leyla Erhan and Evelyn Pae start the new Poetry Club


With a passion for writing heartfelt and impactful poems, senior students Leyla Erhan and Evelyn Pae created the Poetry Club. Meeting every Wednesday in Room 215, the goal of Poetry Club is to encourage students to write their own poems and to share them with other people.

“I know it sounds really cheesy, but I have such a passion for writing and reading poetry,” Evelyn said. “Poetry is really about communication and both Leyla and I thought that by starting a club that celebrates poetry, we could share our love and learn about others as well.”

The idea to start a Poetry Club originated at lunch a few months ago. After talking with Principal Steve Passinault and finding a club advisor, the club was set into motion, with yesterday being their first meeting.

“School forces us to write poetry with a set list of rules for a certain number of weeks,” Leyla said. “Most students hate the poetry units taught in classrooms, but [when] I started writing my own poems is when I realized that I wanted to share this with as many people as I can.”

While many units of poetry include writing poems by a set of rules, Poetry Club focuses on learning a variety of different poems and perfecting individual techniques.

According to both Evelyn and Leyla, their own poetry comes from personal experience and reflection. When monumental things happen in their life, it often turns into a free verse poem.

“It seems like a lot of people don’t know that much when it comes to poetry,” Evelyn said. “Poetry isn’t really this high and mighty thing. Poetry is just another way for us to express ourselves and share what we are feeling inside.”

Agreeing with Evelyn, Leyla says that she wants Poetry Club to be a safe place where students can express themselves, without a fear of being judged or teased.

“Over the past year or so, I have really grown to appreciate poetry so much more,” Leyla said. “By starting this club, I hope people can be comfortable to express their feelings through beautiful stanzas and words.”

Because yesterday was the club’s first meeting, the plans for the future of the club are still indefinite. However, Evelyn wants to bring her knowledge of different and famous poets into the curriculum.

“There is this one poem that expresses the way I feel about poetry so well,” Evelyn said. “It’s called “Dearly Belateda�� by CD Wright. It basically sums up how I feel about poetry into a few stanzas and lines.”

Many other famous poets besides CD Wright inspire Evelyn in her writing.

“Every time that I think I know every poet, I am surprised with another,” Evelyn said. “There are so many amazing poets out there and whoever the members of the club want to study, I say we should do.”

According to Leyla, after taking Honors English, her eyes were opened to a new world of talented poets. Her favorites include Emily Dickinson and Ruby Carr.

“Ruby Carr writes very emotional poems,” Leyla said. “I am constantly inspired to write new things. I am not the kind of person to write all happy poems, so by reading her work, I am inspired to write my own deep and dramatic poems.”

The meeting yesterday was started off by Leyla reading an original poem meant for the club. A round of snapping applause was given, as the group of students attending seemed to really enjoy it.

In the weeks to come, Leyla and Evelyn hope to promote the club more and also bring back slam poetry and make it a regular thing.

“I still need to understand how everything works,” Leyla said. “But, when I was talking to Mr. Passinault, he seemed really into the idea so if I could find a way to bring that back to FHC, I think it could be really awesome.

With many new ideas circulating around, both Evelyn and Leyla hope for the club to grow to become a bigger part of FHC.

“Finishing a poem is like reading a really good novel,” Evelyn said. “It leaves you feeling so satisfied. I have such a passion for poetry, and I am so glad I get to share it with other people who love it as well.”