Player profile: Cam David

Player profile: Cam David

Ali Czarnecki, Sports Reporter

When did you start playing basketball? Why did you start?

“I started playing basketball in first grade; I just really like the game.”

What is your favorite part of basketball?

“I like scoring because it is nice seeing the points pop up on the board.”

What are your favorite drills in practice?

“My favorite drill in practice is run and gun because it gets you loose and ready to go. It also gives us a goal to reach or we have to run, so everyone goes hard”

Does run and gun help your performance in games?

“Yes, because when we get out in transition and on fast breaks it prepares us for game speed pull-ups and finishes. Also, it helps us talk and communicate about outlet passes.

What has been your favorite part of the season so far?

“My favorite part of the season so far has been bouncing back after starting 1-2 to now winning three in a row.”

What is your motivation for basketball?

“My motivation to play is to be with my friends and get better at the game.”

Who is your favorite professional basketball player? Why?

“Kobe Bryant is my favorite pro player because he is inspiring.”