Player Profile: Ashley Jenkins


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Name: Ashley Jenkins

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls ski

What is your favorite thing about skiing?

“One of my favorite things is how hard it is, but I love the people on the ski team. We all are close and have bonded throughout the season during practices and races. I also love racing. It’s so unique compared to other sports. The rush you get as you race through the gates is just awesome.”

What is one of your personal goals?

“My main personal goal would definitely be to gain a faster time in my races. I feel like all people want to get faster and it motivates me.”

What is one of your team goals?

“Our main team goal is to win states again; it is such a great accomplishment.”

What is your favorite race?

“My favorite race is definitely the giant slalom race. It is so thrilling and is overall just a great race.”

What is the hardest part about skiing?

“The hardest part of skiing for me would definitely be getting on your edges early so you’re not late on some of the gates.”

Who is your main inspiration?

“My main inspiration is my coaches. They inspire me and help me do my best no matter the obstacle.”