Player Profile: De’ja Weekley


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: De’ja Weekley

Grade: Senior

Sport: Cheer

Position: Backspot

How long have you been cheering for? What is your stunting position?

“I have been cheering for 6 years and I am a backspot.”

Who inspired you to start?

“Just watching cheer movies.”

What is your favorite cheer memory?

“My favorite cheer memory is making the varsity cheer team with Remy Tittel.”

What is the difference between sideline and competitive?

“Sideline is not as much pressure and your team is not competing to win anything.”

What is your favorite round in competitions? Why?

“My favorite round is round one because it sets the bar and gets us higher in points.”


What three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess? Why?

“Spirit, looks and the way they behave and treat others. Cheerleaders already have a bad reputation sometimes so we should change the way people view us.”