Competitive cheer falls .7 points behind Rockford to place third


The FHC competitive cheer team has finally achieved its short-term goals: beat Catholic Central and earn above 700 points for its total score.

Rockford, Belding, Catholic Central, Byron Center, Charlotte, Grandville, Lowell, Zeeland East, Zeeland West, and Berrien Springs all attended the competition with the Rangers. This competition was not divided into divisions, so all varsity teams in attendance were competing for first place. Charlotte High school placed first, Rockford placed second, and FHC came in third, only .7 points behind Rockford.

A team doesn’t realize how valuable members can be until they are gone, as FHC learned this weekend. At the last two competitions, four members were gone due to injury and the school trip to Florida. The missing members were back this weekend and the team scores significantly improved.

In round one, the team scored 218.7 points. The Rangers received a higher score on voices, which was a competition goal. In round two, the girls received a score of 196.94 points. Round three significantly improved also, as not one stunt was dropped and the team ended with a score of 286.4. When the girls hit round three full-out, they get to write their names on the bottom of a mat. Every girl in round three will be able to sign the mat at Monday night’s practice, which is a large achievement. FHC had a total score of 702.04 points and placed third at the end of the competition.

The girls’ next competition is Wednesday the 24th. The competition will be held at Lowell High school and will be the Rangers’ second conference meet.