Player Profile: Benjamin Nickel


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Benjamin Nickel

Grade: Junior

Sport: Wrestling

Weight Class: 160 pounds

How long have you been wrestling?

“This is my first year wrestling.”

Who inspired you to start?

“Tommy Hendricks first talked to me about joining. He talked about how great it was which made me curious. At first, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to join. Then I found out that some of my friends were going to try out which made me [decide to] join.”

What is the hardest part about wrestling? Why?

“The mentality is definitely the hardest part. This is mainly because wrestling is the most tiring sport I have ever done. Sometimes when I’m in a match I get so tired that I feel like giving up. It takes a lot of mental strength to push through the pain and fatigue and never give up.”

Could you compare the individual aspect of the sport to the team? How does the team help you?

“The individual aspect of wrestling is all about self-improvement. I am always trying to find ways to get better. The team aspect is all about pushing each other to the limits. I feel like the team holds me accountable in terms of how much effort I’m putting into a practice.”

What do you do in your off-season to prepare?

“I gain as much weight as possible.”

Do you have any awards, trophies, medals, or places you’re proud of?

“I took 4th place in one of the tournaments this year.”

What is your outlook for the season?

“I have a very positive outlook on the season considering it is my first year. I made a lot of progress. I went from not knowing anything about wrestling to winning some of my matches.”