Boys varsity Ski takes fifth and seventh at races on Tuesday


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

The boys varsity ski team struggled yesterday at its Cannonsburg Ski races. Overall, the boys placed seventh in the giant slalom and fifth overall in the slalom as a team. Their overall place, however, didn’t justify how well they did as a team.

Senior Ben Finkelstein led the charge for FHC all night. Ben placed second in the GS with a beginning run time of 27.47 seconds and a second run time of 27.37 seconds. Not only did he do that, but Ben also placed second in the men’s SL race with an initial run time of 34.7 seconds and an ending run time of 35.21 seconds.

Ben was complemented by senior Jordan Ysseldyke, who placed 27th in the men’s GS races with times of 30.06 seconds and 29.63 seconds. Jordan also placed 22nd in the SL with a time of 39.78 seconds in his first run and a time of 39.65 seconds in his second run. Junior Nathan Jenkins also placed 25th in the men’s SL races yesterday with a starting time of 39.94 seconds and another run time of 40.52 seconds.

The boys varsity ski team will race again at Cannonsburg next Tuesday, Feb. 6.