Player Profile: Remy Tittel


Kate Ryan , Sports Reporter

Name: Remy Tittel

Grade: Senior

Sport: Competitive Cheer

Position: Base

How long have you been cheering for?

“I only started cheering my junior year. I tried out for the sideline team and made varsity.”

Who inspired you to start?

“My friends Brianna Arent and Payton Nall inspired me to start. I remember sophomore year football season, I looked at them and told them I would be on the sideline next year. They were happy with the idea and started helping me in the spring. They taught me everything I needed to know for tryouts. I could not have done it without them.”

What is your favorite cheer memory?

“My favorite cheer memory was when I found out I made the varsity sideline team. I was told with De’ja Weekley and I remember being so happy. I walked in the gym where the other varsity members were waiting to see who else made the team. I walked in and all my friends ran over screaming and hugging me.”

What is the difference between sideline and competitive?

“Sideline cheer is for football, parents, the student section, and the school’s positivity. Competitive cheer is for ourselves and no one else.”

What is your favorite round in competitive cheer competitions? Why?

“My favorite round is round two. I worked really hard to get into this round and even battled other teammates for the position.”

How do you feel about FHC having its own competitive team this year?

“I think it is amazing that FHC finally has our own team. We had a team in the 90’s but not since. It will take a while for the program to build and gain the respect we want, but I am honored to be the start of the legacy.”

What three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess?

“Work ethic, positivity, and determination.”

What do you think is the team’s best quality?

“Our team is close for a first-year team. We all encourage each other and want to watch the team succeed together.”