Player Profile: Fadi Muallem


Name: Fadi Muallem

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Boys swim and dive

How long have you been swimming for?

“This is my first year swimming.”

Who or what motivates you to swim or dive?

I think the swimmers on the team have really motivated me to strive to do my best and beat my old times every meet.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What is key to achieving this goal?

“My personal goal would be, like any other starting swimmer on the team, to go under 30 seconds on my 50-yard event before the season comes to a close. I think the key to achieving this goal would be to work as hard as possible at practice and improve technique.”

What are some team goals for this season?

“A team goal for the season would be to win at states.”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC Men’s Swim and Dive, this year and previous years.

“I can say I have learned more about hard work in swimming than I would have if I had gone into another sport. I know this firsthand as I have done multiple other sports and have never been pushed beyond my limit as I have been in swim. This has helped me grow as a swimmer and as a person also. I can overcome much more now than before the season.”

What is the best part about swimming?

The best part about swimming and diving is that everyone really knows each other; it is an experience that I have never come upon. My teammates are always there when I need help with technique or anything else along those lines. Plus, not only are the swimmers close with each other, they are also close with the diving members of the team.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“A quote that inspires me would be, ‘When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful’ from Eric Thomas. This really pertains to swimming because in swimming you have to hold your breath as long as possible to get as many strokes as you can. This will help get better times or win a race. So really if you want to succeed you need to want it as bad as you want to breathe.”