Player Profile: Danielle Balanda


Name: Danielle Balanda

Grade: Junior

Sport: Basketball

When did you start playing basketball?

“My dad got me into basketball at a young age, but I started playing on a team in fourth grade.”

Why did you start playing basketball?

“I started playing basketball because it’s a sport that most of my family and relatives have played. I also like it the most out of all the sports I have tried.”

What is the best part about being on the basketball team?

“My favorite part of being on this team is that we get to spend so much time with each other. I have never been on a team as close as this one.”

What is a pregame ritual the team has?

“Before games we like to listen to music. It helps us let any nervous feelings go and gets us excited to play.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in sports?

“My biggest inspiration in sports is my dad. He helps me with so much, and he always wants me to work hard and do my best.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.'”