Competitive cheer faces challenges over the weekend


Forest Hills Central competitive cheer team had a very eventful competition this Saturday at Kenowa Hills High school, competing against 16 other teams. In round one the girls scored 211 points, and in the second round they scored 192 points. The team earned fifth place for both of these rounds.

Round three was when the biggest challenge arose. While the team was warming up for the final round of the competition, junior and key team member Grace Conn was practicing a back tuck and broke her wrist. This was a huge issue because the team’s entire routine was dependent upon Grace competing. The girls reworked their whole round three routine to create new movements that would work without their injured teammate. They ended round three with 258 points, moving them further down in the rankings.

At the end of the day, the team had a total of 662 points allowing them to finish the competition in fifth place. Although it was not a great day for the team, the girls showed great dedication and drive to work through the challenges they faced in order to complete all three rounds.