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Humans of FHC: Anonymous

“I think I get a “Girlfriend of the Year” award for this’ So [my boyfriend] was home alone for a night or something, and he woke up, and apparently [his dog] had been sick. She’s so cute– like my favorite dog in the world. But, apparently, she had been sick. And it was a mess. So he calls his parents like “What do I do? I just gave her a bath, and she threw up again, now I got to give her another batha��a�� And they were like, “Well, do you need help? We can call the neighbors, or maybe try to see if [your girlfriend] can come over and help you out, since she’s good with dogs.a�� So I was sleeping over at [my friend’s] house; we get the call from [my boyfriend], and we’re like, “We’ll come over and help you take care of your dog.a�� So we go over, and we’re just giving [the dog] a bath, cleaning out her crate, blow drying her, brushing her– you know, doing all the things you do for an hour of cleaning up poop and puke of a dog. So that was a fun time.”



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