Kailee Morgue will captivate you with her new EP, Medusa

Breakout artist Kailee Morgue will leave you in a trance with the release of her first EP, Medusa.

It was a school night, and I was swamped with homework per usual. An ad came on, interrupting my music groove to broadcast a random singer’s new hit. Typically, I would simply drown out the nuisances, but this time, something caught my attention. Morgue’s song “Medusa” played through my speaker, and I immediately stopped what I was doing to check her album out.

The deceptively simple lyrics of the song brought me in, and I found myself repeating the song before it even had a chance to go onto the second track. “Medusa” has the same type of light-hearted bop that the rest do, while also repeating a few different verses. Usually, the lack of diversity would upset me. But here, it didn’t have the same effect. The uniqueness of the tune kept me on my feet, while the repetitiveness provided a solid ground for the song.

“Discovery” brings you in with a soft voice and mellow lyrics, while simultaneously shaking it up with fierce beats that are sprinkled throughout the song. This is a song that personally was impactful because of how relatable the lyrics are. Morgue has a soft voice which makes her songs come off as sad, and right off the bat, someone might be tempted to see it this way. However, looking deeper, especially on “Discovery”, this is not the case. She has more of a hopeful message throughout this EP, despite her deceivingly sad tone. The entire album gives off a kind of Tim Burton feel with an almost eerie tune playing in the background, and this track was no exception.

“Ghost of Mine” tells the story of a hopeless romantic, going in theme with the rest of the EP. It has a new type of feeling that is as fresh and different as her turquoise and emerald-colored hair. The unique backdrop to her lyrics creates a feeling of new experiences and will definitely leave an imprint on your brain for days to come. “Unfortunate Soul” is the more laid-back song on the EP, with a light pop feel and upbeat instruments playing in the background. Morgue keeps with her style of having an almost whisper of a voice. It’s soft but still is able to hit you hard with her touching lyrics.

Overall, this EP left me wanting more of Morgue. There were highs and lows in her songs, and her lyrics took you on a mini journey of their own. I enjoyed how different her sound was from anything I had previously heard and am glad I made this “discovery.”