New fast food restaurant Freddy’s adds some great twists to the average dining expirence


According to my mother, I’ve been to Freddy’s before. I have absolutely no recollection of this. So to me, my trip to Freddy’s last night was my first time experiencing all it has to offer.

Walking in felt just like walking into Steak ‘n Shake or Culvers. It had that “feel,” for lack of a better word. I figured I would like it but no more or less than any other place like it. However, it only took a few minutes for the differences to become obvious.

Unlike other fast food restaurants around here, Freddy’s has a unique way of getting you your food. They don’t actually get it to you. You go get it. Which probably doesn’t sound all that great, but I appreciated the fact that it kept the walkways between the tables from getting clogged up by waiters trying to bring you your food. It also meant that your waiter didn’t have to struggle to come find you. They simply put a number on all the receipts and when your food is ready, they use a little microphone to call your number. In theory, it should be annoying to have someone calling out numbers while you try and enjoy your meal but, to be honest, I never once noticed it.

But having you come get your food wasn’t the only little stroke of genius at Freddy’s. It wasn’t until about halfway through dinner that we noticed that there were outlets at every single booth. Honestly, any place that does that instantly gets more points from me. As a high school student, I love to escape from home to get all my work done or meet up with friends to work on projects, and finding a place with easily accessible outlets is so annoying. School is just so much better when food is involved, and having the outlets at every booth will be a very significant plus for students at surrounding schools.

We got our food very quickly and at first, I wasn’t so sure. I’m a personal fan of large fries but Freddy’s are the definition of skinny. But they totally made up of for it by being the perfect amount of crunchy and fresh. And when dipped in Freddy’s signature sauce? Perfection. Can you tell I’m kind of a snob when it comes to fries?

One of the things we ordered was one of Freddy’s hotdogs. The picture makes it seem like it was going to be wrapped in a piece of bread. It wasn’t. I don’t even know what it was. It was a hotdog bun, but it was cut the wrong way and not even in the middle. I don’t know if that was just an accident with mine or if that’s a thing they do and I’m just uncultured. Either way, it was kind of weird and really hard to bite.

Overall, I think that Freddy’s is a very positive addition to our area. With its extra little twists, I think it will be a great restaurant that caters to every age group. I have to say that I’m quite skeptical that I’ve been to Freddy’s before because I definitely would have remembered it.