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Humans of FHC: Noah Stout

“I think [love is important in high school]. People are finally starting to mature, and [dating] is a good opportunity for kids to learn about themselves and relationships before they move on in life. Ever since I was in preschool, I’ve had little crushes on people who I just couldn’t stop thinking about. Freshman year, there was someone that I really wanted to ask to homecoming, but they got asked instead by an upperclassman. So that was really sad for me, and I had to ask someone else. [To get through that], I talked to my mom a lot, and we talked through it; we’re always talking about that kind of stuff. I think love is when you just can’t stop thinking about someone, and they just kind of consume [your heart].

The things that I love most about our school is the people. They aren’t many ‘sour apples’ at Central, and I have a lot of friends, both boys and girls. I think that it’s important to be comfortable with a variety of people. It’s so interesting; people have their inside personality that they share with the world. Then you get to know them, and they have so many quirks and little things like that. It’s so much better to get down to that deeper stuff. “


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