Freshman boys basketball defeats Northview 46-33


The freshman boys basketball team added to its winning streak and have now won four games in a row, as it beat Northview on Tuesday night 46-33. The game was similar to the last matchup between these two teams; it was very close throughout most of the game but the Rangers were able to pull it out in the end. This was one of the Rangers’ lowest scoring games of the season.

In the first half, the score was tighter than FHC is used to. At the end of the first quarter, the Rangers only led 7-5 because both teams competed similarly on defense and offense. The Rangers struggled to put the ball in the basket until the second quarter, when they scored 20 points to Northview’s 16.

In the second half, the Rangers played really well defensively and were all over the floor to get the ball. FHC also pushed harder up the court after getting defensive rebounds. The Rangers had a big lead going into the fourth quarter, continued to dominate, and came out with the win.

Freshman Dallas Hopson led the team in points scoring 16 and freshmen Carson Mocherman and Joey Wise each had 7 points, but the whole team was working well together on the defensive side.

The freshmen Rangerballers look ahead to play Greenville on Thursday and add to their 11-3 record.