Boys varsity ski struggled at races last night


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Boy’s varsity ski had a difficult run at their Cannonsburg races last night. Placing 8th overall as a team in the Grand Slalom and 6th overall as a team in the Slalom, they struggled to get their momentum going.

Leading the team once again was senior, Benjamin Finkelstein. Ben placed third overall in the Slalom with a beginning time of 30.23 seconds and an ending time of 30.1 seconds. Ben also placed second in the Grand Slalom, his first run time was 26.84 seconds and his seconds run time was 27.01 seconds.

The Rangers did not have any one place in the top twenty, but they did have two others place in the top thirty. Them being, senior Jordan Ysseldyke, and junior Nathan Jenkins. Nathan placed 29 in the SL and, Jordan placed 22 in the SL.

The boys race again on February 11 and 12, at Caberfae area in Cadillac. These next races are regionals for the ski team.