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Humans of FHC: Anonymous

“The story of how my grandparents met is this: my grandpa liked this girl, and this girl was not my grandma. This girl was actually my grandma’s roommate. My grandpa finally got the courage to ask this girl out on a date, but when the night of the date finally came, she got the flu and couldn’t go. She didn’t want to make it seem like she was flaking, so she asked her roommate- which was my grandma- to go fill in for her. Basically, my grandpa went on a date with a substitute date, but that substitute happened to be my grandma.

They went on this date, and my grandpa ended up liking my grandma more than the original girl- my grandma’s roommate- because he got to know my grandma over the course of the date. When my grandma’s roommate finally recovered from the flu, she went up to my grandpa and was like “Hey, how about we go on a second date to redo that first one that I wasn’t able to go on?a��

My grandpa responded, “No, actually, I’d rather go on a second date with your roommate.a�� That’s how my grandparents started dating, and the rest is history.”


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