Girls freshman basketball is defeated by Greenville once again 39-22


Thursday night girls freshman basketball looked to earn their first conference win on the road against the Greenville Yellowjackets. An astounding 43 fouls were called throughout the night and over 50 free throws were shot. Despite the many trips to the line for the Rangers, they were defeated 39-22. Freshmen Maddie Knoor and Ella Sloat led team with 7 and 9 points, respectively.

Freshman Audrey Sidebotham scored the only 2 points for the Rangers in the first quarter to the Yellowjackets’ 12. This put them behind 12-2 after the first 8 minutes of play. Audrey added another point to the board along with 2 each from freshmen Morghan Tilton and Lauren Bont to give FHC 5 more. Going into the locker rooms for half time, the Rangers were behind 24-7.

Ella, who shot 80% from the free throw line, knocked down two shots for her first points of the night in the third. Maddie too earned her first points with a three. Freshman Rachel Lynch added another 1 to give the team 6 points in the quarter. Greenville had 18 free throw attempts in the third, yet only made 4 of them. Despite the low percentage from the Yellowjackets, they still had the lead 32-13. Both Maddie and Ella were the only Rangers to score in the fourth with 4 and 7 points, respectively. The Rangers held Greenville to only 7 in the final quarter to end the night 39-22.

Still without a conference win, the Rangers look to secure one Tuesday night against the Redhawks of Cedar Springs.