Sleeping with Sirens’ latest release Gossip falls flat

Sometimes, you need a push. You need someone to push you to try that new food. You need someone to push you to explore your passions. You need someone to push you to see what you’re really made of.

And other times, you’re doing just dandy. You don’t need a push.

The band Sleeping with Sirens recently was pushed into the world of major record contracts with powerhouse labels, and I’m afraid they pushed themselves in the completely wrong direction.

Sleeping with Sirens is an American rock band. Three members of the band are from the Muskegon Area (Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, and Kellin Quinn). After all growing up in the same area, the trio reunited in Florida and was signed to Rise Records. They released three records with Rise Records and for their fourth studio album, Madness, they partnered with Epitaph Records. Finally, in 2017, they released their fifth album, Gossip, with massive music company Warner Bros. Records.

Although this new release with a major label showed promise, it fell flat. This album doesn’t display the depth and complexity of previous releases. On top of this, the energy seems to be going nowhere. Listening to this album was like being on the most painful road trip. No interesting paths, no interesting scenery. Just a flat, boring road that you’re stuck on forever.

The album opens with the title track “Gossip.” This song was a decent way to open up an album. I enjoyed the instrumentals, but main vocalist Quinn was lacking in his tone and range. I found the song monotone, and it felt lackluster.

The album then moves along to “Empire to Ashes” and “Legends,” and the energy picks up. “Empire to Ashes” has the more classic Sleeping with Sirens sound. It’s edgy, and the elements of percussion help build the rhythm and make the song interesting to listen to. “Legends” was chosen as the official song for Team USA Winter Olympics this year. This song displays confidence and takes risks in the sound, and it all pays off. This song has been getting plenty of media coverage, and it’s safe to say that it is all well deserved.

Just as quickly as energy builds, it is sucked right out of this album. The rest of the album lacks direction and focus of energy and sound. I found the rest of the tracks forgettable, with the exceptions of a few standouts. I enjoyed “Cheers” as well as “One Man Army,” but some decisions made with the tracks puzzled me. In “Cheers,” I thought it lacked an edgy sound and for that reason, I found the track average. In “One Man Army,” some lyrics were random and didn’t make sense. However, the acoustic riffs were nice and for that reason alone, I enjoyed the track.

The album wraps with “War,” and it’s a solid way to end the album. Although I do wish that there was a more of an energy pick up between tracks 3 and 11, I believe it was the right call to make this the final track. Quinn’s vocals stand out throughout the entirety of the song and display his ability. This was lacking throughout many tracks on the album and caused this to be a satisfying end.

All in all, this album was just ordinary. The singles released before the album created a huge buzz, but it was a letdown. Hopefully, Sleeping with Sirens’ next release on the major label will contain their distinct sound and be a standout.