Humans of FHC: Rebecca Lipke


“I don’t see [my daughter, Zoe] a lot. And part of me wishes that I’d see her more, and then the other part of me is glad that she is able to have her own thing. I was really worried that when we were going to do this together that I was [too] excited [because] I didn’t want to be the one that distracted her from having a true high school experience. I wanted her to have the actual high school experience and do it on her own and not be bogged down by me. So, it ended up working out great. I’ve enjoyed being able to see her here and there, but not always having to be in her face and in her business. It’s kind of neat for me to watch it all play out for her, but letting her do it. I think that mostly for me, I wasn’t worried about the academics, it’s just socially, with high schoolers, you never know what you’re going to get. Although I’ve always thought she was a friendly, easy-to-get-along-with person, there’s a part of you as a parent that wants to protect them from as much as you can from some of that stuff. So, I love at least knowing the people she hangs out with. That’s probably a huge thing for her too. I’m more likely to let her go do stuff with people because I do know them. I probably wouldn’t have let her do all the stuff with senior basketball players if I didn’t know the senior basketball players. I think that it’s been a good thing; it makes me feel better, and she’s probably gotten the chance to do more because I have been more comfortable knowing who she is hanging out with.”