Boys and Girls varsity Ski team has a successful run at regional races


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

On Monday, February 12, the Rangers boys and girls varsity Ski team took the slopes at their regional races. With a phenomenal effort, the girls were able to take home first place in both the Giant Slalom races and the Slalom races as a team. Not only did they secure themselves a spot at states, but they also won the conference title. The boys, however, struggled to get going and did not place in states as a team, they ended up placing 8 in the GS and 6 in the SL.

Although the boys did not have the meet they were hoping for, senior, Benjamin Finkelstein was able to secure himself a place in states to represent his team. Ben took second place in the GS with a beginning run time of 27.79 seconds and an ending run time of 27.68 seconds. Not only that, but he also got eighth place in the SL with a first run time of 25.10 seconds and an ending run time of 23.93 seconds.

“This is my first year I get to ski at states,” Ben said. “I have been practicing and working toward it all of high school and I am looking forward to it.”

Although Ben was the only guy to qualify for states, the entire girls team was able to take a spot in the state races. Including freshman, Abby Mcalindon who will be skiing in states for her first time.

“I felt pretty good headed into regionals, but also a little nervous because it was my first year racing,” Abby said.”But I felt my performance was very well and I have been doing a lot to prepare for states.”

Abby placed eighth in the GS and eleventh in the SL. However, junior, Courtney Mcalindon placed first in both the SL and the GS. Courtney’s first run in the GS had a run time of 29.53 seconds and a second run time of 28.54 seconds. She also had a beginning run time of 24.46 seconds and a final run time of 23.29 seconds in the SL.

Courtney dominated the competition, and so did her fellow teammate junior, Kayley Reynolds. Kayley, after coming off of a previously broken foot this season, was able to claim second in both the GS and SL races.

“I felt very confident headed into regionals,” Kayley said. “Our team is very solid again this year and I thought we did really well.”

Kayley had a beginning run time of 29.52 seconds and an ending run time of 29.02 seconds in the GS races. In the SL races, she secured one run time of 24.83 seconds and a second run time of 23.26 seconds.

Overall, Ben and the girls team had a very successful regional meet. They are doing a significant amount of preparation to get ready for their state races, and are looking forward to racing some of the best skiers in Michigan.

“I believe that we will do really well in states,” Abby said.”As long as we all ski our best we can definitely have some success[at states].”