Girls freshman basketball loses tenth consecutive game to Cedar Springs 25-20


Freshman Ella Sloat was once again the leading scorer for girls freshman basketball Tuesday night against Cedar Springs. Despite the 7-point performance from Ella, the team was still defeated 25-20; fouling was once again the Rangers’ achilles heel, and they have yet to win a conference game.

The Rangers had a slow start and only earned 3 total points in the first quarter; the Red Hawks almost tripled FHC’s score with 8 points of their own in the first to give them a 5 point lead after one. Freshmen Maddie Knoor and Audrey Sidebotham earned their first and only points of the game in the second quarter with 4 and 2, respectively. These were the only points scored by the Rangers in the second. The Ranger defense, however, was able to hold Cedar Springs to 6 points as well. This put the girls down 14-9 going into the half.

Cedar Springs was once again held to 6 points in the third quarter. Ella scored the only 3 baskets in the quarter to give the team 4 points for a total of 13 to Cedar’s 20. Freshman Morghan Tilton then knocked one down from behind the arc and added another 2 during the final quarter. This, added to Ella’s pair of free throws, combined for 7 points after the final eight minutes. Cedar Springs earned another 5 before the game was over to win 25-20.