Competitive cheer takes third at the FHN North Star Invite


This Monday the FHC competitive cheer team headed to the FHN North Star Invite at Northern high school for senior night. The Rangers competed in the normal three rounds against seven other cheer teams.

In the first round, which is all about motions and jumps, the team scored 219.3 points. Despite a pretty good performance, the timing of the jumps still has room to improve. FHC also changed one of the jumps in the first round, which turned out to be a great choice because the new jump, a front hurdler, awarded the team a score of 9 from every judge.

In the second round, which is mainly tumbling, the team originally got an 8-point penalty but it ended up being waived. So, the Rangers scored a total of 195.02 points. In the third round, which is stunting, the team did very well. The Rangers had no falls or slips, but there is room to improve on staying more level and having less wobbling in stunts. They scored 271 points, which gave the Rangers a total of 685.32 for the competition.

This score secured third place for FHC at the invite. The Rangers’ next competition is this Saturday at Mona Shores high school for Districts, where they will be competing against 14 other teams. The team is competing late in the rounds this weekend, which should help with the scores because the bar will already be set and the Rangers will know what they need to beat.