Community College can be the answer

Community College can be the answer

I look people in the eye when they ask me where I’m going to college and calmly say, “GRCC.”

This is something new. This is something I never planned, never even considered, until a few months ago. I go to Forest Hills Central, and because of that, I am expected to choose a prestigious college or university. People expect me to have a class load of APs and a GPA over 4.00; they expect to hear a university such as Michigan State or Michigan come out of my mouth. They see the blonde white girl, hear the words “I like English,” and assume the best.

For some, including me, CC is the best.

There are people that are not meant to spend $30,000 a year on education. There are people that are not meant to move hours away. There are people that are not meant to live in a dorm, leave everything they knew, and start everything over. There are people that are not meant to follow the preset track record.

Grand Rapids Community College is one of the highest ranked in the country in terms of community college. It has the same level of professors, array of materials and resources, and dedication, comparable to that of the typical college or university you would think of when a student from FHC begins to answer where they are going to college.

Not everyone is meant to live on a typical college campus. There are some people who simply are not meant to live in a college dorm. Some people need more space and more privacy. Many teenagers need a place to unwind by themselves, and anyone reading this can think of horror stories they have heard of or experienced themselves with a bad roommate.

Going to a CC provides the opportunity to maintain that private space, whether it be in their childhood home or simply finding a house with roommates so they can have the experience, but still have that individual room to retreat to.

CC also provides a way to stay close to an area that is well-known. This gives way to an easier opportunity to apply for jobs, stay in touch with friends, and find activities to do. More than likely, the student will already be involved in things they enjoya�� things they won’t have to leave behind when they go to college.

Many worry that a CC takes away the opportunity to experience new things; however, that is far from the truth. GRCC offers a variety of sports and clubs, just as any other college would. They have work studies and other academic opportunities as well, just as any other college would. They let students be students, just as any other college would.

Community College is not an easy way out. It is not the fall-back for students who did not try in high school. CC provides a different option for the future. It provides unique opportunities and a strong background for a future. It is a good thing for many students, and it’s important to support anyone who chooses it.