It’s never been enough to just hope for change


The words were flying all around me from all different directions. The opinions were being shouted from each side of me, and I could barely keep my head screwed on straight. While the political arguments were occurring, so-called solutions were being proposed just as fast. The women around me, as they tried to keep their composure, suggested that “we all can hope and send love to create a better future.”

I took a large drink of my water and let the words I was dying to say for hours settle within me.

I set down my glass and looked down to the floor as I uttered the words, “Sitting around and hoping for change isn’t going to fix anything.”

I was put in this situation years ago, and yet it still remains a relevant problem in life today.

More recently, when tragedies due to poor lawmaking and negligence on behalf of the government occur, people are told everywhere to send thoughts and love. However, that is the extent of the action taken. No real change is made. No action is taken. Things remain constant and unchanging.

However, now it has been enough. As a general public, we can no longer sit by and watch as our lives are taken into the hand of others.

I’m through with being told to wait around for the change I want. If you want to see a change, you have to go out and get it yourself.

Sending thoughts and support is the first step. Quite simply, it’s a starting point. You can hope that your positivity makes an impact and helps, but at the end of the day, all your thoughts do is provide support. You need to create a change by doing something in tandem with your thoughts. Act on how you feel, because what you feel and what you do is important.

Sitting around and hoping for change isn’t going to fix anything.”

In circumstances where you can do more, you must do more. Don’t accept things as they are. Don’t wait for someone else to go out and create the change you want. When you want change, your impact should not be mentally based. Get out of your head and partake in tangible actions. Write a letter, go to a rally, call people of power. Whatever it is, just do it. Your actions are important and worthwhile. You will make a difference and an impact if you take the time to do it yourself.

It is scary to put yourself and your opinions on the line. However, you must take a jump into the unknown. You’ll find that you’re not alone in your views. There are other people who feel the same way as you, and you’ll gain power in numbers. One can find so many new opportunities to generate influence when they unite with others. When groups get together to make a change, they become unstoppable.

All in all, your thoughts and love aren’t enough. Sure, sending good vibes is nice and all, but truthfully, it impacts nothing. You must get up and create the change you want. Stop sitting in the silence; stop sitting in your head, and get out there. You’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish when you take initiative in addition to offering condolences.