Marco New American Bistro is the embodiment of casual upscale dining


Inconspicuously located in a strip mall in Cascade, Marco New American Bistro is the epitome of what an upscale casual restaurant should be. With a cozy atmosphere, an inventive menu, and great service, Marco was the perfect setting for a Friday lunch with my family. Above all, the phenomenal food set this upscale restaurant apart from the rest.

After being promptly seated, we were given a few minutes to peruse the menu. Though not very long, it was creatively crafted, and each option seemed even more enticing than the next. The menu consisted of items such as burgers, risottos, gnocchi, and flatbreads, but each contained a definitive twist. My family and I finally decided on the chorizo pizza, glazed salmon, and blue lump crab cakes.

Based on the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, I was expecting the food to be superb, and even then, my expectations were completely blown away. The appetizers arrived quickly, and we hastily munched on crunchy calamari and tasty french onion soup. The highlight of the meal, however, was the chorizo pizza. A unique blend of Italian and Spanish cooking, it was cooked to a perfect crisp, and the tangy chorizo fused into the melting cheese was a surprising delight.

Though I was so entranced with my food, I was still drawn in by the distinctive setting of Marco. With its warm atmosphere, the restaurant didn’t feel like I was sitting on Cascade Road. Rather, it replicated a relaxed caf located in a small European city an ocean away. Additionally, the service was wonderful; our waitress was friendly and knew the menu inside out.

Despite the amazing food, atmosphere, and service, there’s no denying that the prices at Marco are higher than your average restaurant. With the bill nearing $60 for lunch for three, it’s undoubtedly not the cheapest option. However, one lunch won’t completely break the bank, and Marco isn’t a restaurant to return to every day. Save it for your special events, and if you’re willing to spend a little, the meal in return is exceptional.

For a formal lunch or a fancy dinner once in a while, Marco New American Bistro provides the perfect setting. Though the price is steep, it’s worth it for an experience full of delicious food, professional service, and an elaborate ambiance.