Brian Fallon’s album Sleepwalkers will take you on a journey filled with unique twists and turns


Brian Fallon’s Sleepwalkers was something completely unexpected, yet remained pleasantly surprising throughout the entire album.

Now, I have to go on record by saying Sleepwalkers was something very different that what I typically listen to. I would consider my music preferences to be very much of a mixed genre; kind of whatever I feel like in the moment. With that being said, Sleepwalkers was totally new, but it was a good kind of new. Every song was like a new mini vacation, some to warm islands and others to cold tundras. It was entertaining to never know what to expect next.

Despite every song having a new flavor, each carried the same comforting feeling. They all had something to do with someone Fallon loved, but whether or not it was a positive emotion or a negative one was something left unknown until the song had been completed. The album in its entirety had folk-rock feel with a few twists to it.

The lyrics to each song were incredible. I’ve heard plenty of albums that are sentimental, but this was something unlike anything else. Yes, they were touching, but they were more than that. They were real and told a story you wanted to hear. They were not like every sad or love song you’ve heard a million times before, but they each took you on their own experience and to somewhere unknown. A comfortable, yet unsteady, unknown.

The album starts off with an upbeat tune called “If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven.” This song introduces you to Fallon’s raspy voice, yet the song’s tune covers it softly, making his voice contrast the track perfectly. It was the first song I heard from the album, and it immediately drew me in with its cheerfulness. The song is one that makes you want to get up and dance along with it, however; as previously stated, the album is a story. The glee ends soon enough, and with it, replaced by a more melancholy feeling with the songs to come.

My favorite song on the album comes midway through, and it’s called “Etta James.” The song is slower than the latter mentioned yet still holds the same emotional weight. The chorus is absolutely beautiful, and although “catchy” is not the word I would use, it’s definitely memorable. The verses are soft-spoken, but when the chorus hits, it hits home. An unforgettable tune with touching lyrics — a remedy for a perfect single.

The last song to wrap up the album, and the mini story, is “See You On The Other Side”. The song does not end the album the same way it started – upbeat and cheerful- but with a sorrowful hope. The song is fittingly placed at the end of the album, almost as a sort of “until next time.” It sends you off and along on your journey of listening to music, yet invites you to restart the album so you can carry on with the adventure you just completed. The song builds in farewell, and the bridge aids with this goal. The song completes with a hopeful message, directly aimed at the listener.

Although the album is something completely out of the ordinary, it’s the most pleasant surprise. It took me through the life of Fallon as if I was with him on his highest peaks and lowest valleys. Each song seemed to be entirely different from the last, yet all connected in the way a story is told. All in all, Sleepwalkers beautifully portrays the journey of Fallon, making a perfect addition to his growing collection to his previous album released in 2016, Painkillers.

Through all the twists and turns, the album will remain a stunning shock and unique addition to my music playlists.