Humans of FHC: Sukhpreet Singh


“Disney overall was a really amazing experience; my top three rides are definitely Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. When [my friends and I] were in Magic Kingdom, we headed straight to [Space Mountain], and it was closed; there was nothing we could do about it. So we got in line for another [ride] and waited there– you know, just chillina��. We checked our phones and saw that [Space Mountain was] open– only a 90-minute wait which is extraordinary for Space Mountain; usually it’s two hours. So we bust a move, jump out of line [and] over the ropes, and rush over to Tomorrowland to get in line. The 90-minute wait was more like 40; we get in [and] sit down– I don’t really know what to expect; I’m not too fond of roller coasters. We go in, and it’s actually an amazing experience; it was really beautiful but it was also really thrilling and high-speed and fun.”