Rae Morris enchants fans with her new album Someone Out There

Rae Morris enchants fans with her new album Someone Out There

I recently checked my records on Spotify and discovered I had listened to 85,649 minutes of music in 2017. To put those numbers in perspective, that is equivalent to 59.5 days straight.

I’m the type of person who listens to music for hours a day. Whether I am doing chores, homework, running, or even reading, you will find headphones in my ears. I like the way music makes me feel.

With that being said, I have to change up my music so I don’t exhaust any one artist or playlist. I recently discovered Rae Morris, a teenage British songwriter. She charmed the hearts of her American fans so much so that shortly after she began her career, she moved to Atlanta at age 18. Now residing in the States, she hopes to hone in where she stands as an artist and further develop her music and following.

In the beginning of February 2018, she released an album titled, Someone Out There, and in all honesty, I love it. I think her music expresses her as an individual and sets her apart from others due to her truth and undeniable individuality. I am always astonished by how she manages to have lyrics so simple yet still have melodies that transform the piece into a much more complex dynamic.

As of late, this has been an album I’m pushing play to every day. I have been captivated by the song “Reborn” in regards to her expression through the lyrics as she pours out her feelings to her listeners. You can feel her emotions and learn a bit of her story through the way she passionately belts out her lyrics. In all honesty, the passion seeps through the raw lyrics she composes and her aching voice.

In regards to my love for Rae Morris, I am impressed with her new album Someone Out There, and I continue to be every time that I listen to her. Every song and album captures her fans with strong, heartwarming vocals and soft piano to make her folk-pop sound.