Isaac Torrey and Keegan Moore make their way to wrestling State Meet


For the second year in a row, seniors Isaac Torrey and Keegan Moore are heading to the individual wrestling State Tournament. These two battled side by side both last year and this year. The tournament was previously held at The Palace of Auburn Hills, but is now moving to the Detroit Stadium.

Senior Isaac Torrey placed first in his 171-pound bracket at the individual Regional tournament last weekend. Isaac, going into the tournament, was in favor to place first.

In Isaac’s first match of the day, his opponent was the wrestler who placed fourth in another district. Isaac was able to pin his opponent in the first period. In his second match, he faced an opponent who placed third in FHC’s district. Isaac was able to pin him as well, this time in the second period.

In Isaac’s finals match, his opponent was the same guy as in the final match of the district meet. He knew his opponent would be out for revenge, but came out on top 9-2.

“I knew my opponent was going to come pretty hard,” Isaac said. “I could tell he was disappointed by last week [at Districts]. He hand-fought pretty hard and tried to stop my leg rides. I was taking him down to slowly take it out of him, and I came out on top.”

Keegan also represented FHC by placing second in the 189 weight class bracket. Keegan was in favor to win the tournament but wasn’t wrestling at his best that day.

Isaac and Keegan both have the experience of going to States from last year, so they both feel as if their nerves will be out of the way. These experienced wrestlers know what to expect and know they need to relax and wrestle how they have been all season.

The two practice partners have been hitting the matt room preparing more and more every day for States. They are ready to hit Ford Field not only to represent FHC wrestling but themselves as well.