Freshman boys basketball picks up big win over Grand Haven


Freshman Cam David propelled the Rangers to a 62-38 win over Grand Haven on Tuesday by leading the team with 13 points and 4 assists. The game did not start as well as the Rangers had expected, as they came out very slow.

This start caused the Rangers to trail 11-7 early in the game. Some strengths in the first half were working around pressure and traps. The Rangers consistently found the open man on offense and made the extra pass to get a great shot instead of just a good shot. Things that FHC struggled with were stopping the drives early defensively and a lack of intensity. Going into the second quarter the Rangers held the score at 17-14 and going into the half the Rangers had a larger 31-18 lead due to their defense putting in a lot of hard work.

In the second half, the Rangers improved on what they struggled with in the first half. Considering the goal going into the game was to finish the season strong, the Rangers made that happen. The offense was solid and defense on Grand Haven’s tall center was adjusted to create an even larger lead going into the fourth, 46-30. With this lead, the Rangers were hyped up and went off in the fourth making the final score 62-38.

Along with Cam David’s 13 points, freshmen Issac Ghareeb had 11 and Dallas Hopson had 8.

Looking ahead, the boys will take on Ottawa Hills on Thursday which will complete their season. Going into the game their record is 15-4 and the Rangers plan to add another win against Ottawa Hills to end their season on a victory.