Humans of FHC: Kelsey Toole


“One morning, I drove my friends to school because they had spent the night. We were kind of early because my mom made us leave early. They all left because they needed to get inside. I was freaking out! I couldn’t get my keys out of my ignition. By this time, it’s like six minutes till the start of school, and I’m trying to pull them out. I can’t break the key because then my car would be broken! So I’m trying to yank it [out], and Ally says, “Let me try, let me try.a�� So she tries, and it doesn’t work. We’re pulling it and trying to turn it and twist it. Finally, we asked Trevor and Jackson Clay, and for like two minutes they couldn’t get it. They said, “You’re just going to have to leave your car running for the day.a�� And I said, “No, that’s so much gas. I’m not going to waste all that.a�� And then Trevor goes, “Wait, is your car in park?a�� And my car was in neutral!”