Butcher’s Union blends a comfortable atmosphere with unbeatable food

Butcher's Union blends a comfortable atmosphere with unbeatable food

Downtown Grand Rapids has no shortage of fine dining selections for a night out, but it can be overwhelming trying to find a balance between affordable and enjoyable food. Lying just a couple of blocks away from the Gerald R. Ford Museum, Butcher’s Union provides a warm, comfortable dining experience that bridges the gap between casual and formal dining. Recently, I spent a night downtown with two of my friends, and when conflicted with the decision of where to eat, we found ourselves drawn to the unique curb appeal of Butcher’s Union.

Seconds after I stepped through the door, I was greeted by a cheery server telling me that I’d be taken care of in just a minute; the statement held true, and I was very politely told that the wait would be just around two hours. My friends and I decided we didn’t mind waiting, so after killing time for a while, we were seated. We were given a table with a great view of the street in order to somewhat compensate for our wait, and our table was wonderfully prepared in a very welcoming atmosphere. The whole restaurant had a friendly air to it and very much appeared to be a place where I’d go to catch up with old friends over good food. Servers passed by holding delicious-smelling food of all sorts, and laughter echoed through the building.

After being seated, our waiter approached us quickly and offered us drinks, consistently making sure that we were satisfied with our experience and making lighthearted conversation. When the time came to order, I decided upon the West Village Double Cheeseburger, as I knew I’d end up eating a lot. The food came in just over twenty minutes, a wait I found quite reasonable, and was well worth it. My waiter had told me that it may very well be the best burger I’ve ever eaten, and while I don’t know if it took the title, it surely put up a good fight. From the buttery bun to the melty cheese, to the patties cooked to perfection, the West Village served as a wonderful introduction to Butcher’s Union. I was wholeheartedly satisfied with my decision, and I’d happily have it again.

Anyone who considers themselves a fan of good steaks, burgers, or comfort food should make a trip to Butcher’s Union eventually; the menu offers anything for anyone, and fantastic service coupled with stellar food serves up a great dining experience that I’ll be sure to partake in again.