Swim Team Races Into Second Place At Conference 2015


Jon Pearcy, Staff Writer

The crowded pool falls into a silence filled with anticipation. The swimmers take their position at the blocks, and, with a wave of her hands, the referee begins the race. A loud beep signaling the start is quickly overwhelmed by the screaming of the crowd. Parents, coaches, and swimmers alike cheer for a sport that isn’t quite like any other.

The FHC Girl’s Swim and Dive team is almost done with a fantastic season, placing 2nd to EGR at Saturday’s conference. The conference was one of the fastest conferences they’ve ever had, with many conference and personal records being broken. Tim Jasperse, head coach for the team, thought it was probably the fastest and toughest competition he had seen.

“I felt very happy with my results today, and that my hard work has payed off by me getting my state qualifying time,” freshman Katie Johnson said.

Senior and team captain Lauren Ryan felt similarly. Ryan dropped time in several of her events, and did better than she had expected in her 100 butterfly.

“I would say the highlight of my season was getting 3rd in the 100 butterfly today,” Ryan said. “It was slightly unexpected so it was an awesome feeling.”

Ryan was also proud of her team, which she felt had performed well throughout the season.

“I felt great about [Saturday],” Ryan said. “Our team as a whole did amazing. I think the season also went incredibly well. Not only did we have a super close knit team but we also swam fast!”

Both girls commented on how close the team has become over the season. Spending several hours a day every week has brought them together.

“I think our team has done amazing,” Johnson said. “We have had incredibly hard practices and our team has bonded a lot through all of them. We were a very strong team this year.”

For Ryan, though, this is the end of her time with this great team.

“It’s sad to leave the team that I’ve made so many great memories with for the last four years,” Ryan said. “But we have states in two weeks so it’s not over yet!”

While it may be the end of her time with her high school team, Ryan doesn’t plan on this being the end of her swimming career.

“I’m planning on swimming in college, so I’m ready to move on and experience some new things.”

Ryan is looking at both DePauw and Grand Valley.

While for many the season is over, those who made the times still have one more meet to go.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better meet,” Jasperse said. “We have one more to go, states.”