Junior Tyler Donker creates memories, friendships, and a great work ethic through the opportunities Culver’s has had to offer


Believe it or not, with the power of positive co-workers and a fun and inviting environment, work can be made fun. Junior Tyler Donker wanted a little extra money, like most other teenagers. So he took initiative a few months ago and hasn’t looked back since. In fact, it has positively impacted his work ethic tremendously and offered great opportunities.

It wasn’t always his plan to work during the school year, as it is already a lot to take on the work of school. Tyler was not dedicating his time towards a sport or extracurricular at the time. He wanted to do something worthwhile and that would be productive, so he got the job at Culver’s on 28th Street.

It wasn’t until a couple months after Tyler had turned sixteen that he decided he wanted the extra flow of cash. He proactively applied for a few jobs and chose Culver’s. As of now, he has worked at Culver’s for about 9 months and enthusiastically goes to work 3-5 days a week during the school year.

“I’m in the kitchen so I make burgers, flip burgers, and put food in the fryers,” Tyler said. “It’s actually quite fun, and I like [making food] a lot.”

While he is working hours and hours a week, he has done so wisely, saving up his paychecks to go towards something useful and efficient: a car.

“[Buying a car] was an incentive to get a job,” Tyler said.

One thing he loves about the business management is that they are very generous and caring to their employees. Every five hours worked, he gets a half hour break, giving him time to be able to eat and chat with co-workers. Tyler has made friends at work, which makes it more exciting to go to work and an overall more enjoyable atmosphere. People lighten the mood with jokes or humorous actions that give a relaxed vibe that Tyler appreciates while working long shifts.

Tyler is keeping busy in the season of Lent, as Friday is “Fish Friday.”

“On Fish Friday, it is non-stop fish, and it gets crazy busy,” Tyler said. “We have good fish: walleye and cod.

Tyler has kept busy with his school work and keeping up with his job, but the enthusiasm he has for his job has made the shifts go by fast and smoothly. He plans to continue throughout the rest of high school and maybe even into college if he stays close to home.

Through the busy times and the slow times at work, Tyler has been grateful for his learned lessons and countless experiences Culver’s has had to offer him.The co-workers have made his work experience memorable for Tyler.

“[What I love most about work is that] Culver’s gives a lot of opportunities to prove yourself and to earn raises,” Tyler said. “And of course their chicken is good, so that’s a bonus.”