The Wreck’s latest EP Panic Vertigo dazzles

The Wrecks latest EP Panic Vertigo dazzles

It’s always difficult to find “that unique sound” when you start off as a band. You want to gain popularity and get radio play, but you also want to be original as well. Some bands tend to get lost in striving to become the latest trend. However, a fairly new band, The Wrecks, has displayed the perfect balance between mainstream music while maintaining an edgy and unique sound.Their latest EP, Panic Vertigo, has been almost perfectly crafted for radio play while simultaneously upkeeping their distinct sound.

The EP Kicks off with “Figure This Out.” This song is a great opener. The lyrics are quite witty, and the pace entertains the listener. On top of that, there’s a constant build of energy in the song, and it always leads up to something great. The song displays their pop-punk sound, and it gives promise for the rest of the release.

The next song is “James Dean.” Now it’s easy to look past this song due to the almost cliche lyrics, but I was impressed with this track. The song is a bit heavier than the previous one and has more elements of electric guitar and drums, but it isn’t too big of an adjustment for the listener. One really interesting component in this song is the vocal harmony chords present on the backing vocals. I liked this song, but it was not my total cup of tea. However, if you’re willing to look past the lyrics, I think you’ll enjoy this song.

I was looking forward to hearing the studio version of the third track for months after seeing it live. I can say without a doubt that this song, “Way With Words,” did not disappoint. Co-written with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, this song is a standout due to its incredible lyrics that tell a story that just hooks you in. The track takes listeners on a journey they’ll want to replay over and over. The vocals in the verses convey so much emotion, and you just can’t help but turn all your attention to the music when listening. The mixing of this song is incredible. The vocals and instrumentals all mesh together seamlessly. It’s not overproduced or trying too hard at all. Unlike the other songs on this EP, it has more of a pop tone, but it still falls into the category of pop-punk in my opinion. Quite frankly, the whole song is a moment of genius.

The title track “Panic Vertigo” once again shows the raw talent of the group. Each member has a chance to showcase their ability at different sections of the song. The song is constantly changing tempo and moves back and forth between acoustic elements to punk-rock elements. The only way to describe the chorus is it’s a shot of espresso. You may be tired or in a bad mood before, but as soon as the chorus hits your ears, you’ll feel energized, and your mood will shift.

The EP wraps with “Revolution.” I think they couldn’t have picked a better song to wrap this release with. The theme present in the song about doing what makes you happy and making change helps the listener walk away from the EP with purpose. Although the chorus may seem like there’s a lot going on, it all works together and each piece is necessary for the listening experience. The edgy song will get drilled into your brain for hours on end.

Panic Vertigo was a next-to-flawless release. Their range as musicians is consistently displayed through the unique instrumentals as well as the various genres present in the EP. Their hard work over the past year has finally materialized into this release, and it was well worth it. If you haven’t heard of The Wrecks before, I highly recommend you listen to this EP. I believe that this release proves The Wrecks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and have a promising career ahead of them.