The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Skin&Earth

The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Skin&Earth

Sometimes, people tend to have a bit too much faith. People get tattoos of boyfriends that don’t work out, people get married after a week, but for musician Lights, she legally changed her name on a whim in order to establish her name for herself in the music industry. When she signed to her first record label, she wanted to use the name Lights, but it was copyrighted.

In order to get use out of the name, she chose to legally change her name in order to use it. It worked, and the rest is history. For several years, she worked hard and did not see much return. But after hard work, Lights has managed to create a name for herself. Her fourth album, Skin&Earth, proves that she has the talent to continue to grow.

I believe the overall strength of this album is contained in the vocals. Lights has an absolutely amazing voice. Her vocal range is revealed from the very start with “Skydiving.” Her voice effortlessly glides throughout this track. She travels from note to note with a certain confidence and ease that makes the listener very impressed. “New Fears” also shows a different side to her vocals. This track showcases the serious tone she can take on. The deeper end of her vocals is just as flawless here. She holds back absolutely nothing and has no fear jumping into these songs.

The lyrics accent her flawless voice. The words within each track are mystical, mysterious, and magical. “Magnetic Field” shows the eerie yet captivating feeling one can get while listening.

Another highlight of the album lies within the instrumental. These songs showcase many different genres. “Until the Light” showcases the uniqueness of her instrumental. This track sounds just like the memories made when traveling to new places. The electronic pop just has that sort of nostalgic feeling. “Savage” showcases a rock instrumental.

While the instrumental is great, I did not enjoy “Giants.” This song has great instrumentals at the verses, but at the chorus, it changes tempo. I find this to be extremely unnecessary. Imagine kayaking down the river. At first, it is peaceful and serene, but in a matter of seconds, you are traveling through white water. That is just how this song feels, and I did not exactly enjoy it.

While there are some minor flaws, I enjoyed what this album has to offer. I was captivated by Lights’s amazing voice. I guess she was right all those years ago to change her name, for she will be around for a while.