Humans of FHC: Kelsey Sigg


“Girl, I could talk about my mom for hours. I love my mom. So, a lot of people think that we are identical which helps [us bond] a lot because we both understand each other in a way that we’re feeling [the same things]. I would like to think we read each other’s minds. It’s really cool; I love her. She’s always supporting me and just giving me great advice. [We do] practically everything [together] from movie nights at home on the couch to just going to the grocery store together just for a couple of minutes. I love any moment that I can spend with my mom, just any moment; I just grab it. We love to shop. We love shopping at the mall. We’ll go and get our Starbucks and just walk around and talk and shop. I am going to Grand Valley [next year]. I don’t think I could ever be more than 30 minutes away from my mom. The fact that Grand Valley is just so close and I can see her whenever I want is just a nice feeling.”