Humans of FHC: Amy Wang


“Something I’m really passionate about is architecture. I’m actually going to school for that at U of M. [I got interested in architecture during] a class I got put into my sophomore year. I really enjoyed it because the teacher- Mr. Miedema- is really nice and easygoing. I could just really be creative in that class and express myself. Because it’s not like an art class– in art, you have to be actually good at drawing. And I wasn’t the best at drawing but I could still draw. So with a ruler, it made it easier. And then we started using this program on the computer called AutoCAD, and I really liked using that. And on Revit, another computer program, we could make 3D buildings and whatnot. I feel like it was easier than just art. I’m kind of nitpicky so it was nice to be able to make specific things and have it turn out the way you wanted it to. I can’t really explain it. So I was thinking about [becoming a] project manager. So I would manage large projects. My mom told me about this girl that she knew that actually works for Disney now, and she’s a project manager for Disney on their new rides and stuff. Something like that [would be appealing] or working for a large architecture firm.”