The Netflix original show Alexa and Katie exceeds expectations

The Netflix original show Alexa and Katie exceeds expectations

As high schoolers, we routinely look back at our golden childhood days. The days that consisted of naps, recess, and animal crackers. I feel as if a part of me really misses the simple days. On March 23, 2018, a new show came out that allowed me to reminisce about the pure joy of my childhood.

Until recently, I was never a TV show person. I absolutely love movies– something about experiencing a chunk of someone’s life in 90 minutes almost makes me feel connected to the characters. I’ve never been a binge-watcher; however, I recently discovered a new show. The new Netflix Original, Alexa and Katie, had me hooked. I quickly binge-watched the show in less than two days. Oops!

Basically, Alexa and Katie reminded me of my childhood shows. You know, the Disney shows such as Hannah Montana and Good Luck Charlie, where they are all happy-go-lucky kind of episodes. Where the problems they are struggling with consist of who is going with who to the high school prom. I feel as if I connected this show to my childhood when I drank chocolate milk and watched countless episodes of cheesy Disney shows. I felt deja vu while watching Alexa and Katie.

The dynamics of the show are pretty simple: Alexa (Paris Berelc) is undergoing cancer treatment while trying to adjust to her freshman year of high school. Thanks to her loyal friend Katie (Isabel May), she doesn’t let Alexa walk alone ever. Not even standing out. One of the ways in which she portrays her friendship is when Katie chooses to have her head shaved along with Alexa. Katie doesn’t want Alexa to feel isolated, and this is one of the ways she tries to prevent that.

The story is sweet, the acting is cheesy, and the jokes are corny. The production overall is well done for the right audience. I, personally, love this show and would recommend this show to anyone who wants a lighter show that will make you giggle.