Jacob Demeter – Davenport University


Jacob Demeter
Davenport University
Why did you choose Davenport as your final destination?
I choose DU because it’s a smaller school and I really think a smaller school will be better for my education. I also really liked the dorms compared to some other schools I was looking at. I also have a good relationship with the coach already.
What was the turning point that made you want to play hockey in college?
I have always wanted to play college every since I first started playing. I fell in love with the game and I just want to play at the highest level I can play at.
What is your favorite moment from hockey career?
My favorite hockey moment in my career was beating Grandville on senior night. Grandville was the second-ranked team in the state and they were supposed to kill us. At the start of overtime, I told Charlie Brewer I was going to take the puck all the way down the ice then pass it to him in the slot and he was going to score. That is exactly what happened and that was a big moment in my hockey career.
What is your biggest goal once you get to Davenport?
My biggest goal once I get to DU is to make the first team. I’m starting on the second team and I really hope by the end of my time there I can be on the second team.
Describe your journey from early hockey experiences to now.
My dad used to always coach me. He coached from when I was age 4 to 13. I always loved him being my coach. Freshmen year was my first year without my dad coaching me. Dave Noel-Bernier was my coach and he is now a Detroit Red Wing assistant. He really helped me learn the game and he taught me a lot about hockey. That is the year I broke out and really started to play my best game. Then my sophomore through my senior year, I played varsity and those were the best days of my life so far. All the memories I’ve made the past three years will follow me for life and I will always miss putting the Ranger jersey on and representing my community.

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