Girls varsity lacrosse bounces back to defeat Grand Haven 16-1


The Forest Hills girls varsity lacrosse team had an outstanding game against Grand Haven Friday night on the road, defeating the Buccaneers 16-1. FHN junior Molly Mullet continues to be a key contributor to this team, as well as FHC senior Lynsey Davison.

In the first half, FH struggled with keeping possession of the ball. That became a main focus to improve on going into the second half. The Rangers did an excellent job shooting on goal and putting points on the board all night long, however. Molly and Lynsey were the main scoring threats for FH. The girls were also sound defensively, only allowing 1 goal this game. This consistent defensive effort will help out Forest Hills a lot in the long run.

This win puts the girls at 2-1 on the season as they look ahead to the East/West tournament this upcoming Saturday. With defense and offense starting to come together for the team, FH is hopeful looking ahead to the rest of the season.