FHC track and field takes a win over FHN, Cedar Springs, and Greenville


FHC boys and girls varsity track teams took advantage of the home meet Tuesday night. The girls pulled through with a win against Forest Hills Northern (FHN), Cedar Springs, and Greenville. The boys team beat both Cedar Springs and Greenville, but tied with rival FHN. The Rangers were able to push through the weather conditions and complete a team goal, beating FHN.

Recently in practice, the Rangers have been working on their relays. The team has been working on improving their hand-offs for a smoother transition. The hard work paid off, as most of their first places came straight from relays. In order to make the hand off, two Rangers dove to give the baton to their teammates. With this hard work and all-out effort, the Rangers came out on top.

The Rangers’ next meet is Friday, April 27 in East Lansing. FHC is one out of 17 teams attending the track meet.