Basketball Team to Sell Old Rangerball Jerseys During Lunch


Emma Cardin, Staff Writer

Starting Wednesday the 9th, past Rangerball jerseys, shorts, and warm ups will be sold to students during all three lunches. These jerseys from seasons past have been piling up for years, and after a successful hockey jersey sale two years ago, Rangerball sees this fundraiser as a good opportunity to provide some Ranger pride, and increase their basketball budget.

“The boosters club has been so supportive,” Rangerball coach and English teacher Ken George said. “We have received new jerseys quite often, and we think fans for all sporting activities would enjoy having an authentic jersey to wear.”

Jerseys will be sold for $10, practice shirts for $5, as well as shorts and warmups for ranging prices.

Although these are basketball jerseys, George emphasizes that they “are not a basketball only situation” and can be worn at any event as a great way to show Ranger Pride.

Junior Joey Brozyna plans to be in line for a jersey on Wednesday, excited that, “It will look good at games with a the student section full of jerseys.”

“It really shows school spirit,” Brozyna said. “[The jerseys] bring the team and school together as one family.”

The proceeds from the sale are going back into the basketball budget and could be used for a future fundraising game, such as last year’s Red Game.

“Our hope is  that our first home game [Friday Dec. 11th] will have a front row full of throwback jerseys,” George said.