Girls varsity soccer suffer a devastating loss to the Rockford Rams 1-0

The Rangers girls varsity soccer team took on the Rockford Rams at home on Friday and suffered a devastating loss. Going into the game, the Rangers knew that it would be tough, but they held the Rams to a close game and only lost 1-0.

The Rangers fought hard against the Rams, but sadly suffered two devastating injuries in the rough conditions. One of the injuries was to senior Bree Probst who had to be taken out of the game due to a concussion, and the other one was to junior Claire Baguely who also suffered a concussion. Due to the fact that they were down a few players, the Rangers did not perform their best against the Rams.

The Rangers record is now 6-1 and will play again on Monday, April 30 at Greenville High School against the Yellow Jackets at 7.