Varsity soccer mercies Greenville 9-0

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Varsity soccer mercies Greenville 9-0

Rangers girls varsity soccer picked up another win last night at Greenville, crushing the Yellowjackets 9-0. They mercied the Yellow Jackets in the first half, making the Rangers’ new record 6-1.

The Rangers leading scorer of the night was junior Ashley Ward. Ashley had 3 of the Rangers’ 9 goals and had a great all-around performance. Freshman Whitney Currie also scored a goal for the Rangers, and senior Ali Czarnecki had 2. Other scorers were senior Jessie Borowsky and juniors Madison Bruno and Megan Clay, all with 1 each. 

The Rangers’ next game is on Wednesday May 2, at home against Cedar Springs. The Rangers are now 5-0 in conference play and are hoping to pick up another conference win tomorrow.