Humans of FHC: Steve Labenz


[Performing and taking music classes] was neat. It’s a class through a place called Triumph Music Academy– they’re down on Diamond and Wealthy. It’s a group for people who want to play folk music and blues grass. I figured it sounded like fun, and it would give me a chance to want to practice for something. It was seven weeks [long], and then we performed [back in March] as well. The guy who was teaching it is a professional mandolin player. He has albums and tours, so I thought, ‘This guy has to know what he’s talking about.’ That, and I thought it would be fun. I missed [it] because in high school, I was really active with music. I did jazz band and concert band. Then after high school, it was just over, and I never played again. And so, I missed that. I missed playing, practicing, and being a part of something. It was great.”