New movie Ready Player One was both a fun watch and an eye opener

    New movie Ready Player One was both a fun watch and an eye opener

    Look around.

    Do you see all the people engrossed in the screens before them? In the Apple Watch’s and the cellphones and the computers and tablets. There’s a lot of them, but it’s not everyone.

    Now imagine a world where it is everyone. And they’re not just engrossed in the technology but their lives are actually in it.

    That’s the world where the new movie Ready Player One is set.

    It’s 2045 and the world’s entire population lives in virtual reality. Besides food and bathroom breaks, they spend every second in the “Oasis.” Within the Oasis you can get money, buy clothes, become famous, and be whoever you want to be. But most important in the Oasis is the challenge left by the founder when he died. A race to find three keys and retrieve the prize. The prize being complete control of the Oasis.

    In this world lives Wade Watts. Who, just like the rest of the population, practically lives in the Oasis. However, unlike the rest of the Oasis’s players, Wade finds the first key and he, and his friends in the virtual reality world, are swept up into the race for control, and all the evil that comes along with it.

    It’s a high-pressure movie that mixes action with a dash or romance and an underlying important lesson. That virtual reality isn’t actual reality, and it’s so important to be a part of actual reality. This movie does what many other movies have done before. It takes a real-world issue, peoples absorption with their technology, and multiplies the problem times a thousand. In hopes that people will see what we could become if we aren’t careful.

    If you have a love for 80’s references, enjoy romance, or enjoy action, this movie has something for you. I went into this movie not thinking I would really love it or that it would have any kind of impact on my life. But I was wrong. It helped open my eyes while also succeeding in being entertaining and a fun watch.